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Techy, Political Enthusiast and Musician. I write on Medium and on my tech innovation blog: Host of The Detechtor Podcast.

It’s hard to stay consistent when exams are on the way.

Writing is hard. Even when that's all you’re doing.

Even when you’ve got time on your hands, coming up with new ideas to write about, staying consistent and motivated can be very challenging. Now imagine trying to write consistently whilst studying … Yep, it's a nightmare.

Here’s a bit of context…

I started writing about a year ago, a couple of months into the pandemic

At that time, I was 16, in my first year of Lycée (French high-school) called 2nd (for some reason the french decide to count backwards when you get to lycée). …

Is AR leading the way to the future of Healthcare?

Although Augmented Reality (AR) is often associated with gaming, it actually has many applications in the healthcare industry. Indeed, by superimposing computer-generated images onto reality, AR can provide both surgeons and patients with many useful tools. Let’s take a look at them, and how they can improve the healthcare industry.

Augmented Reality Or Virtual Reality?

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) are terms that people often use interchangeably, but are in fact quite different. AR uses virtual objects to enhance the real world, whereas VR is an immersive experience in a simulated world that requires special hardware. …


With higher yields and a lower environmental impact, could vertical farming be the solution to feeding the ever-growing population?

What are Vertical Farms?

Vertical Farming is the practice of growing crops in vertically stacked layers indoors, aimed to optimise plant growth and often incorporate soilless farming techniques such as hydroponics. With climate change and weather took out of the equation, and thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, such as specialised LED lights, Vertical Farms can produce consistent, high quality and quantity yields year-round all with minimal waste and lower CO2 emissions compare to traditional farming methods.

Can Vertical Farms Replace Traditional Farming?

The aim of indoor Vertical Farming is to produce more crops whilst using less space thanks to a controlled environment. …

Electric Vehicles

What obstacles do electric vehicles have to overcome to become mainstream?

There is no doubt that electric vehicles are the future, as the way we get around and produce electricity is transitioning away from fossil fuels, and towards cleaner and greener alternatives. The entire transport sector accounts for 21% of total CO2 emissions and road travel alone accounts for 15% of total CO2 emissions so getting electric vehicles onto the roads is definitely a priority in tackling the climate crisis. However, they’re not perfect, and they are faced with obstacles that are stopping them from becoming mainstream.

Choice of Electric Vehicles

Because electric vehicles are fairly new, in the grand scheme of things, companies don’t…


An Email I Wrote to the Scottish Labour


I’m writing to you from France, as a French, Scottish and English 17-year-old who so desperately wants Labour back in government, and knows that getting Scotland back on Labour’s side is essential for doing so. Yet I believe that you need to do more.

Although the new Scottish Labour leader seems good, there’s not enough hype/excitement. The reason the SNP are doing so well, is they have one goal: Independence, people don’t really care about any of their other policies. This allows them to make captivating tweets about Westminster grabbings bits of Scotland, Boris taking over, etc…

Labour, however, doesn’t…

Climate Crisis Solutions

There’s more to renewable than solar and wind!

There is no doubt at this point that fossil fuels are no longer an option for producing energy, as the climate crisis continues to get worse. Thankfully, green tech companies are constantly innovating, creating new ways for us to utilise our renewable energy sources, whether it be solar, wind geothermal or others. Here are 5 of the latest renewable energy innovations that will help fight the climate crisis.

Solar Glass

One of the latest innovations in renewable energy is Solar Glass. …

This is an incredibly saddening, yet almost entirely truthful article. I really do despair, I just don't understand how britain can be so naive, voting toris time and time again. I so hope labour will make a comeback so we can unite the UK and get us back in the EU

Climate Action

Strategic Science Consult (SSC), a Hamburg based company led by Martin Kerner, has developed a bioenergy facade that leverages sunlight to produce both heat and micro-algae biomass. With the number of people living in cities rising, space is becoming increasingly scarce, so utilising building facades could be one of the best ways to produce energy, whether it be thermal or electric (like solar glass). In this article, I’ll discuss how this technology work, what it’s benefits are, and where it’s currently in place.


The bioenergy facade is composed of multiple panels with leverages sunlight to then produce heat and micro-algae.

Heat Production

Digital Revolution

We live in a digital age, technology has drastically changed how we live and keeping fit is no exception

Because of the pandemic, more and more people have had to transition to working out at home, and as with most aspects of going into lockdown, technology has helped make that transition a lot easier. Here are 6 ways that technology is revolutionising working out at home whilst gyms have been closed! Will we ever need to go back?

Wearable Technology

Although it’s been around for a while, wearable technology plays an important part in people fitness routines, such as fitness trackers which are always gaining in popularity with one in five Americans now owning one. However, it is debated whether or…

Renewable Energy

Is solar glass about to revolutionise renewable energy?

Photo-voltaic modules (otherwise known as Solar Panels) have been around for a while, allowing us to use sunlight as a source of energy. The issue with solar panels is that they need sufficient space on rooftops or on the ground to produce enough energy for them to be worth it, space that is limited in big cities.

In recent years, companies have been working on a solution to this problem: Solar Glass (often referred to as “Solar Windows”), which can turn windows into power-generating panels.

What is Solar Glass?

Solar glass is used to replace conventional building materials in parts such as the roof…

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