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When working from home, staying organized can be difficult, here are some apps to help!

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With the pandemic, working from home has, for many, become the new normal. Although this new way of working has its benefits, such as getting rid of commuting, employees or even students can find it hard to stay organized and productive when outside of the confines of an office or…

Saturday Snippets

Happy New Year everyone! I’m back after a little break with some new content.

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I hope you’ve all had a nice festive season. As you may have noticed I took a 1-month break for reasons I’ll get into later. But first, let’s take a look at this week’s content.

This Week

One of the biggest pieces of tech news this week, was the outcome of the…

Saturday Snippets

This has been a great month for my Medium content

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During the last month, I published several articles to Medium that ended up making it my best month on the platform — ever! Here’s what happened …

My Best Month On Medium

I’ve been on Medium since June 2020, not long after I started my blog, The Detechtor. That means I’ve been writing on the…

macOS Monterey

Thought not the most exciting update, Monterey does have some pretty nifty features

Source: Apple

It has now been about a month since the release of macOS Monterey, and if you haven’t noticed already, it isn’t the biggest leap forward. Compared to previous updates, the release of macOS Monterey was a bit of a non-event, because there simply isn’t much to get excited about. There…

Saturday Snippets

Welcome to the 2nd issue of Saturday Snippets!

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Hey folks! Welcome back to Saturday Snippets for this 2nd issue of my new newsletter. Today, I’ll be giving you a little update, which will also explain why I haven’t written anything this week. I will, however, be letting you in on my upcoming projects 😉!

Life Update

So. I’m at quite…

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