To Ever Win, the UK’s Labour Party Needs Scotland Back on Their Side

An Email I Wrote to the Scottish Labour

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I’m writing to you from France, as a French, Scottish and English 17-year-old who so desperately wants Labour back in government, and knows that getting Scotland back on Labour’s side is essential for doing so. Yet I believe that you need to do more.

Although the new Scottish Labour leader seems good, there’s not enough hype/excitement. The reason the SNP are doing so well, is they have one goal: Independence, people don’t really care about any of their other policies. This allows them to make captivating tweets about Westminster grabbings bits of Scotland, Boris taking over, etc…

Labour, however, doesn’t, and the fact of the matter is that nowadays, people are too stupid to actually look into what a party has to offer, instead, votes get cast according to what shows up in their Twitter/Facebook feed, and I’m not being mean, but yours is as bland as it gets. Scottish Labour needs a clear message that they can get out to the people and hopefully allow them to regain some seats. Currently, the Scottish Tories are making themselves out to be the only solution to Scotland remaining in the UK, THIS SHOULD BE YOU! Except you need to properly explain the benefits to the people, and of course, UTILISE SOCIAL MEDIA. There is a reason they have 300k followers whereas you only have 40k., and that is that they are trying to appeal to the people who vote on emotion because once again, that is how the masses vote nowadays. Brexit: emotion, 2019 election: emotion, and both of these were disasters.

Labour has to stop branding itself as the “reasonable” party, trying to appeal to the more educated, reasonable Brits, because sadly that isn’t the majority. Instead, you need to be bold, have clear goals that people can get behind, and make sure they get heard.

I hope you understand and especially agree with me, because I have faith in you, and there is still time for you to do so before we get to the Scottish elections.

I also hope you’ll take into account what I’ve said because I know for a fact that I’m not the only one saying it.

Best regards,
Scott Hickman

Techy, Political Enthusiast and Musician. I write on Medium and on my tech innovation blog: https://thedetechtor.com. Host of The Detechtor Podcast.

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